Holdfolio is providing the opportunity to invest in the acquisition of a 156-unit multifamily property located in Indianapolis, IN. The property is currently 94%+ occupied and consists of 60 one bedroom, 80 two bedroom, and 16 three bedroom apartments.

The primary objective of this investment is to complete $2M in improvements in order to increase rents to market rate while also implementing monthly flat-rate utility chargebacks. In addition to updating each unit, we will be completing exterior and common area improvements, including installing a playground, grill area, new roofs, parking lots, and common entrance makeovers. Overall, the project presents a unique opportunity to reposition a mismanaged asset with deferred maintenance in order to bring it up to today's standards and those more commonly found in this submarket.

When the property is sold, investors will see the return of their principal investment & the profit will be split 85% to investors and 15% to Holdfolio. Please review all of the investment documents for more information on this unique opportunity to partner with Holdfolio.

Why Our Investors Love This Investment

  • Direct to owner, off market deal
  • High occupancy of 94%+ and strong cash flow from day one
  • Long term debt, fixed interest rate of 4.1%, 69% loan to cost
  • Huge Value-Add as we increase rent by $116+ per unit
  • Location: Strong rental demand from well qualified applicants
  • Excellent cash on cash returns, 17%+ IRR
  • Estimated tax shield of 92%+ -┬áIn other words, if you earn $10,000 then your taxable income would only be ~$800.
  • Only $25,000 Minimum Investment

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Key Highlights

  • Offering Size
  • Type
  • Minimum Investment
  • Projected Cash on Cash Return
    8.1% - 9.7%
  • Projected Internal Rate of Return
    15.2% - 19.2%
  • Term
    Buy & Hold