This offering consists of a portfolio of 10 income producing single family properties located in Indianapolis, Indiana and Dayton, Ohio. All of the properties have been acquired and are currently managed by Holdfolio. Individuals can invest as little as $10,000 to acquire an ownership percentage of the 10 properties. Each $10,000 investment will result in a 2.18% ownership in the portfolio, where the maximum investment is $375,000 for 82% ownership.

Holdfolio plans to collect rent income from the properties, eventually creating liquidity for our partners through a refinance or by selling the portfolio. The portfolio is now open for funding & the expected closing date is within 10 days. Rent collection for the portfolio will begin immediately.

Key Highlights

  • Offering Size
  • Type
  • Minimum Investment
  • Projected Cash on Cash Return
    9% - 11%
  • Projected Internal Rate of Return
    11% - 16%
  • Term
    Buy & Hold