Holdfolio is providing the opportunity to invest in the acquisition and renovation of a 46-unit multifamily property located in Indianapolis, IN.  The primary objective of this investment is to perform interior renovations and updates to all 46 of the units, along with exterior and common area renovations. These renovations will allow us to increase rents to market rate and significantly increase occupancy. We will then secure a refinance loan to recoup the majority, if not all, of the invested capital. The refinance is projected at month 18. Should investors recoup all of their invested capital, they will still be entitled to 25% of the net rental income going forward. 

Each $15,000 investment will result in a 2.19% ownership stake in Holdfolio Indiana 9 LLC, where the maximum investment is $685,000 for 100% ownership. Investors will earn a fixed interest rate of 8% in addition to collecting 25% of the net rental income from the property. In the event the property is sold, then investors will receive 50% of the profit from the sale. Please review all of the investment documents for more information on this unique and unparalleled opportunity to partner with Holdfolio. Investors will begin collecting income April 1st, 2017.

Key Highlights

  • Offering Size
  • Type
  • Minimum Investment
  • Projected Cash on Cash Return
    8% - 14%
  • Projected Internal Rate of Return
    15% - 19%
  • Term
    Buy & Hold